SonarQube Analysis Failure



TeamCity Professional 10.0 (build 42002)
SonarQube 6.0

I'm trying to get TeamCity to invoke SonarQube analysis on the most basic c# / .NET web project. 

I get a message indicating "Failed to start build runner 'sonar-plugin'.
The stack trace shows the following message at the top:

QTS Internal :: Build develop branch > #17 (15 Aug 16 16:19) > Build Log — TeamCity

[Step 2/2] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'value' of jetbrains/buildServer/agent/impl/BuildRunnerContextImpl.addEnvironmentVariable must not be null
It would be helpful if I could determine which argument is null.

QTS Internal :: Build develop branch > Settings — TeamCity
Step 2: SonarQube Analysis
Runner type: SonarQube Runner (Runner for executing SonarQube analysis)
Execute: If all previous steps finished successfully
Project name: %system.teamcity.projectName%
Project key:
Project version: %build.number%
Sonar Server ID: d4e921f8-7a44-4f04-ba2d-ac7a078116db
Project modules: not specified
Sources location: QTS Internal/QTS Internal
Tests location: QTS Internal/QTS Internal Tests
Binaries location: QTS Internal/QTS Internal/bin
Additional parameters: -Dsonar.language=cs
JDK home path: not specified
Clues?  Hints?  Snarky remarks?


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Official comment

Hi Tom,

I'll fix this problem today. As a workaround you can select a JDK version in runner settings.

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Hi Thomas,

What version of Sonar plugin do you use? Is this the one developed by JetBrains?

Please download the latest plugin version and install it on TeamCity server. Does it work?

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Hello Alina,

The TeamCity Administration > Plugins list shows that I am using Sonar runner Version 101, Vendor: JetBrains, s.r.o.

I have just downloaded the latest plugin version.

I have installed it on TeamCity server.  After copying the .zip plugin file, I Stopped and Started the TeamCity Server.  The Plugins list still shows that I am using Sonar runner Version 101 from JetBrains.

It does not work.  The output appears identical to the previous run. <frowny face>

Is there any advice you can offer for troubleshoot the symptoms I described above?  I frankly don't know if this is a TeamCity or a SonarQube problem, but I'm game to try anything to get it resolved.  The failure output is not terribly helpful.



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Andrey, et al,

I'm unclear on what you mean by " select a JDK version in runner settings".  Could you offer more details?

I gather from your response that you have a more complete understanding of the problem than I do.  I don't know which sonar runner settings you're suggesting I change, or what value(s) might go there.




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Please upgrade to v105. Sorry for inconvenience.


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