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On Free version of TeamCity it's not possible to create the following steps?

Create build steps

You have a build configuration attached to a source control. We can now create the build steps. I am going to create three steps:

  1. Build Solution: to build the code
  2. Run Tests: to run the tests
  3. Pack NuGet: to create NuGet packages from the artifacts generated in the previous steps


Can you please clarify this matter?


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Hi José,

All this build steps are supported in TeamCity. For example:

  1. Build Solution: Visual Studio runner or MSBuild runner
  2. Run Tests: there are many testing frameworks supported for the different runners, see the section
  3. Pack NuGet: use NuGet Pack build step to build a NuGet package

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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Answering your question:

>In order to create automatic tests in TeamCity I need to do the actions contained in the attached snapshot?

Most probably you want to run tests on the same sources that the first step. In this case please use snapshot dependencies. Please create snapshot dependency in Test build configuration to Build Solution, and in Pack NuGet to Tests.

In this case if you run Pack NuGet build configuration, the whole build chain (Build Solutions, Tests, Pack NuGet) will be added to the queue and run on the same sources. 

For more details please see the related section in documentation.

If you want build chain to trigger automatically on any committed changes, you can configure one VCS trigger in Pack NuGet build configuration, with option "Trigger on changes in snapshot dependencies" enabled.


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