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I've just installed TC version 9.1.7 and setup a project, a VCS root and build configuration. The server and agent are installed on the same machine and the git fetch url is configured to fetch the source over https with username and password.

Initially the checkout mode was set to checkout on server and at that moment everything worked fine. However, I needed a git repository to be created in the working directory so I changed it to checkout on agent. This works fine when I clone a public repo but when I use this setting for a private git repository it hangs on the git fetch command. Any ideas why this happens?

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Hello Christian,

Do you see any errors/warning in teamcity-vcs.log on agent's /logs directory? Do "Test connection" for this VCS root?

If you want us to help you to investigate the issue, please attach screenshot of the VCS root settings and teamcity-vcs.log file.


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