Branch Filters in Triggers


In TeamCity Professional 9.1.7, I have a VCS Trigger set up with the following Branch Filter:


The VCS Root is set up for Git, with a Default branch of master.
(Branch specification is +:refs/heads/*)

This build configuration is designed to build on commits to feature branches.

It works, but also builds on commits to master. Why? How can I prevent that?


Hello Bill,

The VCS trigger settings look correct. Are you sure that the build is triggered by VCS trigger (not snapshot dependency, etc.)? Please check it on build's overview page in "Triggered by" section. Please attach the screenshot of the incorrectly triggered build.


Hi Alina,

It appears that you are correct. The master builds were triggered by humans and the feature branch builds were triggered by Git.

Thank you!


Thank you for the update, glad that issue was resolved!


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