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As this blog post describes:

...I find the performance monitor graph highly useful. But I would like to add simple custom counters to this, it is possible?

In our particular case we're running a lot of different tasks in parallel, and a counter for how many things are currently executing in parallel would be very useful when troubleshooting performance bottlenecks with builds. I suppose this could either be implemented using teamcity's "service messages", or maybe some naming convention of windows performance counters (teamcity*), or even by writing directly to the statistics database (it might already be supported, inofficially?).

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Currently it's not possible to extend the performance monitor plugin. Please create a feature request in our tracker to support custom performance metrics reporting.

Regarding service messages and statistics: at the moment it's only possible to report one value for statistics parameter for a build, not the time variable.

As workaround you can create a custom report during the build run, publish it as artifact and create a custom report tab.


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