TC Build does not update corresponding YouTrack Tickets as we want

TC finds the correponding YouTrack tickets as we expect and we tell YouTrack to map the project to the TC build correctly *and* we tell YouTrack to take certain actions on the tickets but the tickets never get updated as we expect:

Team City Professional version is 9.1.3

YouTack is 6.0

See attached screenshots.

(1) Team City seems to match up the corresponding You Track by looking at commit messages



(2) We have mapped this Team City build to a YouTrack project and set up the actions as follows (we want the tickets set to "Fixed" and the "Fixed in build" field filled with the %build.number%


(3) But the ticket does not get updated the way we want:

(4) Even though Team City manages to successfully insert the %build.number% into the You Track Project's list of builds:


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I guess you should change command (in "Apply Command" form field) from "Fixed" to "Fixed fixed in build: ${build}".

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