Handling Nuget Feed duplication

So I have a project that has 5 child projects. Each of these projects compiles a VS project that generates 1 or more artifacts, I have a nuspec file to name the artifact. All works great.


Now I made a copy of my source code project, basically a reset of my branches. I need to keep the existing project building, but when copy the teamcity project, modify to point to the new source code location in TFS. Everything works great 

EXCEPT the nuget Feeds are the same names,

Then when I use Octopus to get the feeds, I can't be sure to which one it is pulling from.

How would you suggest working around this issue.

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Hello William,

Could you please clarify what do you mean by "the nuget Feeds are the same names"? Do you use internal TeamCity NuGet feed? There can be only one NuGet feed in TeamCity.


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