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I have automated deploy script which I would like to run on selected build, which has passed. The script needs build number or VCS tag as a parameter. It would be great, if script output could be archived in similar way that build logs do. I can create build configuration to deploy latest version, but do not know how to trigger it for specific build.

Thanks for help!

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Please use the following approach:

  1. Create a build configuration in TeamCity that will perform the actual deployment.
  2. In this build configuration configure artifact dependency on a build configuration that produces binaries that need to be deployed and snapshot dependency if needed.
  3. Configure one of the available triggers in the deploying build configuration if you need the deployment to be triggered automatically (e.g. to deploy last successful of last pinned build), or use "Promote" action in the build that produced the binaries to be deployed.

For more details see the section.


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