Artifact Dependencies, Snapshot Dependencies, Build from the same chain



I have misunderstanding, how "artifact dependencies" works.

I have properly configured CI configuration with publishing artefacts, which is triggered after each commit. So I have some number of builds with artifacts for each commit.

Now I am going to use artifacts from CI-configuration in another new configuration. This configuration was configured to use the same VCS-root. I turned on "Snapshot Depenencies" feature (with options "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one", "Only use successful builds from suitable ones") and "Artifact Dependencies" feature (with options "Build from the same chain"). I pushed tag to GIT repository for one of commits and I am going to use branch specifications of VCS-root and to specify this tag as a "Build Branch" when I starting build.

I expect that artifacts will be extracted from existing successful CI build, but in fact new CI-build has been started.

Where is my fault? How can I achieve my expectations?

Thanks in advance!

PS. TeamCity Professional 8.1.4 (build 30168)

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Hello Yury,

The build is considered "suitable" if the set of conditions are complied, see the full list on this page. Please check that all conditions are met.

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Hello Alina,

Thanks for your help!

I have looked at this set of conditions and I still do not understand which of those items can affect this functionality.

By the way, If I specify "Default Branch" as a "Build Branch",when start build, - everything works as expected, but if I specify tag (the same head commit), then new build is started.

Please, pay attention, I have not changed anything, except the parameter "Default Branch" (even settings of the build configuration are the same, IDs in .teamcity/settings/digest.txt) and I have got various behavior of TeamCity.

Could you make it clear for me, which items of conditions I might have broken?

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Ping. Seems, we have same problem. Check all 10 times, 3 build chains in same branch have same digest (in internal artifacts) in every step, but still rebuilds.


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