A wasy to group build config results by agent


I was just wondering if there was a way (either in TeamCity or via a plugin) to group the results (the reports on the 'Overview' tab by the Agent the build config ran on?


If not I am happy to try creating a plugin, but thought I would check for existing solutions first.

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Hello Tim,

It's not possible to group results on the 'Overview' tab. You can go to Agents tab > Matrix. It provides you with a bird's-eye view of the overall Build Agents workload for all finished builds during the time range you selected.

You are welcome to create a plugin and share it with community!

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Hi Alina,

Thanks you for your reply. I have looked at the view and it is almost exactly what I need. The only issue I have is that the page lists the number of builds, but doesn't tell which what the builds were (give a URL to the specific) build. If hovering over the number of builds would give a list of links to the specific build URLs, but then it would have been perfect.

I will see if I have time to create a plugin. We report our job results to a separate system, so it depends how often we use TeamCity for viewing test results.



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Hi Tim,

Thank you for your feedback. Currently it's not possible to see the builds list on Agent Matrix page. Please feel free to create a featur request in our tracker.

BTW, you can open an agent > Build History page and filter the history by build configuration (on the right top corner).


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