TeamCity + dotCover + Typemock with coverage reporting = Pain


Anyone able to get coverage reports into their build configurations using dotCover and Typemock?  I am able to get coverage working without Typemock, but I was told I have to use TMockRunner command line to get this work, as opposed to the "Visual Studio Tests" build runner.  But I cant seem to find a way to get the coverage results to TeamCity, since it requires a message containing the path to the coverage file, but that is auto-generated by the dotCover, and is based on date/time.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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Hello Shane,

The coverage results are stored in build temp directory. You can add a Command Line build step after your Coverage have completed with script, which will copy needed files from to

Also dotCover results are published as hidden artifacts. So you can download them in the another build configuration using artifact dependency.

We have the related request, please vote for it.


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