'CI Skip' or '*** NO_CI ***' option?



We currently use TeamCity with GitHub, our CI Builds are triggered by GitHub when we merge pull requests into 'master'.

In our CI builds, we compile, run unit tests, deploy to Azure, run Integration Tests, etc...

In some cases we would like not do all of the above and have TeamCity skip compiling, running unit tests, deploying to Azure, running Integration Tests, etc...

Here are some examples on how this is done:

* TFS (and also Visual Studio online) have the "*** NO_CI ***" message: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3829305/what-does-no-ci-stand-for

* Jenkins has this 'CI Skip' plugin: https://github.com/banyan/jenkins-ci-skip-plugin

Can anyone point to how this would be done in the case of TeamCity + Github/git?

We were thinking of getting the last commit message, but this has proven to not be easy - does anyone have any docs on how to do this using TeamCity + Github/git?



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If anyone is looking for the same feature, I found this -



  • "-:comment=minor:**" prevents the build from triggering, if the changes check in comment contains word "minor".



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