Gradle rpm build produces mangled artifact name

Hi, I'm evaluating TeamCity and I'm using one of our current builds to do so. I have a gradle buildRpm target, that when run on Jenkins or locally, produces an rpm target in the following naming format: <project-name>-<version>-<git SHA>.x86_64.rpm

When I run the exact same target on TeamCity, it produces an odd project name: 10900dff8d00996c-1.11.0.x86_64.rpm 

What am I doing wrong?


The name seems to be coming from this directory /Users/imavroukakis/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/10900dff8d00996c



Could you please try to run the same build via command line on TeamCity agent machine in the working directory under the same user that the agent is running under? For mode details please see the article. What is the result?


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