How to call TestExecute from build step?

I've got a batch file that starts a testexecute project for me and that starts the textexecute program and I see it start running the tests and it opens a browser and it looks good.  When I try to run from within TeamCity, either the batch file or the command and parameters direct, it fails with:  CreateProcess error=740, the requested operation requires elevation.

Is it possible to run my TestComplete cases from TeamCity?  How do I give it elevated permissions?

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How do you run TeamCity agent? If you run it as service, then please try to start it via command line. For more details please see the section.

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I was running it as a service.  So I stopped that and then from an admistrative prompt I started it using agent.bat start.  I think it started to work but I've run this so many times manually and from teamcity I've lost track.

Anyways, right now, multiple times in a row, I've got the build agent running started from an administrative prompt and I am still getting the 'cannot start build runner' with the 'CreateProcess error=740, The requested operation requires elevation'

In the console window I do see a message about another agent is registered but I've verified only that console is started and running and the service is off. 

If I start an admin cmd console, I see one console in my task manager.  If I then start the agent, I end up with two more consoles in my task manager even though I only see one new console window.  If I then click run build, yet another console appears in task manager, so it seems the team city server is spawning it's own console and not using the one I started.


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