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Hi everyone, 

Thanks for all the great help. 

TeamCity seems to be ignoring my Configuration choice.  As you can see below I have Development set as my configuration choice, I grayed out my solution file.  I have setup Development as a configuration in my solution and project.  

In my System Properties I have DeployOnBuild set to True.  When the build is complete the release configuration is in my deploy folder not the development configuration that I set.  

What am I missing?  I want my development build to be in my deploy folder. 






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I will answer my own question.  This was not a TeamCity issue or an MSBuild issue.  I recently inherited this project and the solution and project files had multiple configurations all of which were pointing at release.  So when you built the Development configuration you ended up with release.  

The fix was to go through every single project file and the solution and removed the bad configurations.  After that...everything worked great. 




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