jGitFlow and ssh and TeamCity



I have a weird issue. When I use mvn clean install, TeamCity can access our own installation of BitBucket.

The build step for maven has as goal: clean install

For a release job the maven goal has: jgitflow: clean jgitflow:release-start jgitflow:release-finish

For the last one I am always getting a Auth Fail for the ssh connection.

When I login to the terminal and do in the temp folder: mvn clean jgitflow:release-start jgitflow:release-finish

it works flawlesdly.


Where do I do wrong? What do I have to configure? On the terminal M2_HOME points to /opt/maven which is Maven 3.3.9




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Hello Erwin,

Please investigate the case using the guidelines. If build misbehaves in TeamCity, please provide us with additional information requested in the the attached article.

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Okay I found out what the issue was. The SSH Agent was missing because we are using keys and this made jgitflow fail.

Thanks the guidelines actually helped :)

This ticket can be closed.


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