Git authentication with Kerberos


Currently we are using Putty (plink) for git authentication by setting GIT_SSH environment variable, The password and private key authentications are disabled.
Does TeamCity support such type of git authentication? How can I configure that?

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Hello Andrei,

Kerberos authentication is not currently supported for Git. Please vote for the request:

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It's been a while and the pointed issue is almost 2 years old and there seem to be no progress on this.

Right now I am evaluating TC on Windows for .NET / PowerShell projects, but hit a blocker with git not supporing Kerberos in TC.

Same thing works with Jenkins, but I would prefer TC if it works out.

We have an onsite gitlab server with git over SSH + Kerberos and it seems to me that it's not possible to simply just let it use git + plink

I've setup the TC service to run under a domain account which is authorized on the git side and git clone works fine from command line, but there seems to be no option for this in TC Pro. 

Does the Enterprise version support git ssh with Kerberos ? Or is there any work around to use pure git.exe / GIT_SSH env var out of the box without password or private key.

Most enterprises do have proper kerberos, and it's surprising me that this product can't support it.



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Not sure if applicable but this trick might help you:  It got kerberos authentication working for my remote deployment setup in PyCharm.


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