Code Coverage Details for Guests


It came to my attention that the detailed code coverage reports are not visible to our guest viewers on our TeamCity server.  For guests they do not see the "View full report" link or the "Code Coverage" tab. 

I went and looked at the role on the Guest account and found if I add the "View build runtime parameters and data" permission they can now see the "Code Coverage" tab correctly.  However...  now they can see the "Parameters" tab too which seems to include sensitive information like "system.teamcity.auth.password".

So how do we allow guests to view the code coverage without giving them access to all the internal server parameters?

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Hi Tom,

Currently there is no special permission to see code coverage. Please vote for the request:

Current workaround would be to have a separate build configuration (in another project) that can re-publish certain artifacts. Users then can be granted permission to view this new build configuration (project).

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Is there some way to include the final coverage report data in the build artifacts as a fallback?  Where does the runner store the coverage report data?

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Hello Tom,

Sorry for delay. The runner publishes code coverage results as hidden artifacts. You can find them if you open build > Artifacts tab > Show Hidden.


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