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I recently added the VS2015 and the build tools to our Team City CI server. I also installed Nuget 3.3.

I then built and deployed a project we wanted to use the new Build tools. However, after it was deployed we noticed that there some missing DLLs and JQuery file was not referenced properly.

We soon noticed that in our Nuget build step had the "Update Packages" check-box checked. 

Our project was referencing JQuery 2.1.4 but with this check-box Nuget downloaded the latest version of JQuery. However because out packages.config file states the version we want is 2.1.4 our BundleConfig.cs could not find the JQuery file and thus it deployed a broken project.The same issue was occurring with other Nuget packages. Our project was trying to use version 1 but version  2 was downloaded for example. 

I also built a test project on team city and not a client project and found the same issue to be occurring when I had the check-box checked.

An Image of the check-box I'm referring to.


Is this the correct behavior of the above check-box?

The text states  "Uses the NuGet update command to update all packages under solution. Package versions and constraints are taken from packages.config files". I have found that this is not the case. Have I missed something here?

The text is very vague and doesn't make sense if the Nuget is going to Update Packages. Again if you can let me know what this check-box is meant to do that would be great.

Best regards,



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Hello John,

Thank you for your feedback. If this option is enabled the packages are updated to the latest available version (we will fix it https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-44846). Please uncheck it if you need to use package version specified in packages.config file.

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Hi Alina,

Thank you.


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