file as input build parameter

is it possible in a build to have a file as build parameter ? (In the documentation there is no such option, are there any plans to implement such thing? is it easy to be implemented as a plugin? )

My example use-case is for a (semi-automated) pipeline, dev and test deployment steps run with default security keys, but staging and production are manually triggered and keys must be provided and uploaded as files.

kind regards

PS I currently think as workaround to add a sting param with a git url, to pick the key file from there

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Hello Yannis,

(copies from email)
You can create separate build configuration for each environment (dev, test, prod). In dev and test you can use typed parameter password to store security keys. In staging and production build configurations you can use typed parameter with prompt display option.

Another option is to add file in the VCS in the root of your project. Read more here and here


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