Auto-Install JDK On Agents


I know TeamCity can auto-update its agents.

However, can it auto install software like the JDK as well?

I envisage specifying either a URL or uploading a file (option to have 2 for one install definition -  a zip for Windows tar.gz for Linux).

Then TeamCity sends it out to all agents with instructions to unzip it in a dir in the agent directory.

Or alternatively in a directory that all agents on that box have access to so you don't install the same thing multiple times.

Maybe you have an option for agent local installs and server wide installs to provide the option of different agents on the same server using different JVMs.

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Currently it's not supported. Please vote for the request:

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You can do it through Administration/Tools/Zip Archive and then add a zip archive with the JDK distribution. Teamcity will automatically upload this to all the agents. You can refer to this jdk on the agent using build parameters. I have both windows and Linux distributions in that zip file so that agents can pick the right one.


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