VCS Roots Issue - Invalid Workspace



I have a build configuration with 3 attached VCS roots.  When the build runs, I get the following log output:

[Updating sources] VCS Root: RootOne (2s)

[12:50:26][VCS Root: Common] checkout rules: [...]; revision: 17210

[12:50:26][VCS Root: Common] Using .net working mode

[12:50:26][VCS Root: Common] Clean checkout flag was set by the build agent

[12:50:26][VCS Root: Common] Receiving workspace

[12:50:26][Receiving workspace] Creating workspace TeamCity-checkout-e37cb13329a04549b071c327b554dafc

[12:50:27][Receiving workspace] Using workspace TeamCity-checkout-e37cb13329a04549b071c327b554dafc;AMERICAS\myuser/myserver

[12:50:27][VCS Root: Common] Updating sources to revision: 17210

[12:50:28][Updating sources] VCS Root: RootTwo (4s)

[12:50:28][VCS Root: Edison] checkout rules: [...]; revision: 17212

[12:50:29][VCS Root: Edison] Using .net working mode

[12:50:29][VCS Root: Edison] Clean checkout flag was set by the build agent

[12:50:29][VCS Root: Edison] Receiving workspace (1s)

[12:50:29][Receiving workspace] Invalid workspace TeamCity-checkout-e37cb13329a04549b071c327b554dafc;AMERICAS\myuser;myserver: different size of checkout rules

[12:50:29][Receiving workspace] Invalid workspace TeamCity-checkout-e37cb13329a04549b071c327b554dafc;AMERICAS\myuser;myserver: working folders do not coincide with checkout rules

[12:50:29][Receiving workspace] Removing workspace TeamCity-checkout-e37cb13329a04549b071c327b554dafc

[12:50:29][Receiving workspace] Creating workspace TeamCity-checkout-d9e6bdfc1fdb4084962d4fa3b326ea3e

[12:50:30][Receiving workspace] Using workspace TeamCity-checkout-d9e6bdfc1fdb4084962d4fa3b326ea3e;AMERICAS\myuser/myserver

[12:50:30][VCS Root: Edison] Updating sources to revision: 17212

[12:50:33][Updating sources] VCS Root: RootThree (15s)

What does "different size of checkout rules" and "working folders do not coincide with checkout rules" mean"?

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Hello Steve,

The "different size of checkout rules" message is logged if workspace does not contain working folders for specified checkout rules. "working folders do not coincide with checkout rules" is logged if workspace mappings do not correspond checkout rules. That's the reason why workspace was recreated.

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Thanks for the reply.  I understand the need to create a new workspace; but why delete the others?  I am using TFS, and I have 3 team projects under the collection.  I have a VCS Root defined for each team project because as far as I could tell, I could not point the VCS Root to the collection node.  So of course, the folders under each project are different and when it processes each VCS Root the current workspace won't contain the new folders.  The behavior I get is last one wins...the workspace for the last processed VCS root remains while the other two are removed.  Is there a way to configure this so that all 3 workspaces remain during the build?  Or a different way to set this up entirely so that I can have files from all 3 team projects mapped during the build?


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Hello Steve.

Thanks for reporting your case. I've created the issue TW-46834 where briefly reflected desired use case.

Also, it would be great to share sample set of checkout rules for your tfs roots in the comments.


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