Teamcity 10 With Octopus Deploy Failing


Since upgrading to Teamcity 10, our Octopus Deploy step seems to be failing.

From the logs it seems that the NuGet feed isn't indexed until the build has finished. This means Octopus can't see the newly created artifacts it's being asked to deploy.

The build creates the artifacts in an MSBuild step using Octo. The last step creates the release in Octopus & deploys it. When the MSBuild step creates the nupkg files it publishes them to the build server nuget feed & Octopus retrieves them from there.

Re-running the deployment once the build has completed works ok.

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Hi, Simon

TeamCity actually makes all artifacts processing at the end of the build not at the moment artifacts are published during build steps.

It works this way in previous version (9.1) and should work the same in 10.0

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