Test Statistics are wrong/inconsistent

When viewing test results, different statistics are shown for the same results.

For example, on a 'build overview' page you can see the same run of tests described as both 

"Tests passed: 276"


"284 tests passed"

The expected number is 284, but 276 is what gets shown for the build. If I navigate to the 'Tests' tab, a similar thing occurs. The "Total test count" is shown as 304, yet the list shows 312 tests (the expected number of tests):

If I select "Show all tests" I can look down the left hand column and see there are zero tests with the same fully qualified name (eg, none of the tests have a "Ran X times" value in the status column).

What is the cause of this?

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Hello Duncan,

What TeamCity version do you use? Please attach the tests lists (use "Download all test in CSV" link on the top right corner) and full build logs (preferably in raw form, downloaded when "verbose" mode is selected for the build log). Please also detail how do you run tests, what runners are configured in TeamCity, etc.


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