Build chain visualization confusion


Our build chain is configured as so...

Build Artifact---------Integration Tests-----------Deploy to Test
\ /
\--Deploy to Development--/

The "Build Artifact" configuration is triggered by a VCS change. When the "Build Artifact" configuration is triggered and running, everything looks as I would expect:

However, the "Integration Tests" configuration is triggered off a successful build of the "Build Release Configuration" via a "Finish Build Trigger", but the "Deploy to Development" is manually triggered. When the "Integration Tests" configuration triggers and completes, the chain now looks like this:

As you can see, the ability to manually to run the "Deploy to Development" disappeared. Also, the pie chart is now indicating 2/3 steps are complete, implying that the "Deploy to Development" step is no longer part of this change. The only way to (easily) trigger this is to run the "Deploy to Test" configuration, which will effectively run "Deploy to Development" and "Deploy to Test". Obviously, this not what we want.

Any ideas why? We are using 9.1.4 (build 37293).


- Ryan


Hello Ryan,

Thank you for the report, we have the related request in our tracker:
Currently you use Promote action to trigger "Deploy to Development" build configuration.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thanks for the feedback.

- Ryan


How do you get the Integration Tests and Deploy to Development configs to render in parallel like that?

I've got two similar steps that are both triggered off my initial build config, but they each render as their own, separate build chain instead of as a single one with parallel execution. I'm currently using the Finish Build Trigger for both of them, and they both have the initial, build config as a snapshot dependency.




It's the next step in the chain - Deploy to Test - that appears to tie them together. Without this, I see the same behavior as your are - two separate chains.


Aha! I tried that before in a hurry, but I must have used the wrong trigger type. It's working now with a VCS Trigger and Trigger a build on changes in snapshot dependencies checked.

Thank you!


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