Organizing a GitHub Microservice Project on Team City


We are grouping together related microservices in github repositories and have found value in having a build configuration for each micro service.  This way each micro service build configuration can be run independently to build and run unit tests.  

The problem is that we quickly hit the 20 build configuration limit while having a relatively small development team and code base.  Are we organizing our teamcity structure wrong or has anyone already solved this problem.  Even adding ten additional build configurations would be quickly exhausted.

Example of our structure: git repo with 22 micro services in one team city project.  each micro service has a build configuration to build and unit tests.  As well a nightly build to build and test all of the services.

Any suggestions appreciated

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We have the related request in out tracker:, please vote for it. Unfortunately at the moment we cannot provide any alternatives, see the comment.


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