Build Queue filter

I regularly have to remove a lot of tasks from our TeamCity build queue based on certain criteria (e.g. trigger or configuration name).
To make life easier I wanted to be able to select multiple tasks that match those criteria.
I had a look at the plugin system but changing the default built queue page didn't seem like an (easy) option.

So I wrote a userscript that allows you to filter the build queue to only show the tasks that match certain criteria (trigger and configuration name). Case insensitive regular expressions are used to filter the tasks.
After which you can use the select all checkbox to check the tasks and remove them all at once.

It requires Tampermonkey on Chrome or Greasemonkey on Firefox to run.
It (should) support TeamCity v8 and v9.
After installing the script you should change the URL filter if 'http://*teamcity*.com/queue.html' doesn't match your TeamCity Build Queue URL

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