How to merge source code from different build config into one buildconfig to give overall code coverage using source mapping ?

 I am working on Test Coverage Aggregation.

Build config A:

Build config B:

Build config C:

Build config Z: This config performs the overall test coverage. It needs to merge the source code from Build config A, B, C using source mapping. 

Build config A, B, C are independent. and should be run independently for the better performance.

According to,  to be able to see the source code in code coverage, in Configuration settings of Build config Z, there should be parameter : "dotNetCoverage.dotCover.source.mapping" which has the value in this form “ =>”.

The value on the left side of => is the source base directory and the value on right side is the current build config's checkout directory on which the code coverage will be performed.

This will provide source code only from one Build config. I tried adding one more entry for this parameter for the source code from another Build config. But as a result, it does not show any source code under Code coverage tab. 

Is there any way to merge the source code from different config to perform overall code coverage? As well as to be able to see the source code in the coverage under Code Coverage tab?

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