build powershell plugin on linux


I need to make a new plugin that runs an encapsulated script either on windows or linux.. so I thought I would start with the powershell runner.


but it fails to build on linux, (don't develop on windows) something about unable to find javac.. but it is in the JDK_HOME and JAVA_HOME bin folders.


cannot find System Java compiler

all source downloaded today.


but powershell-common:compileJava worked ok.

(altho it complains about bootStrap classpath not being set)

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Ok, I fixed that.. the powershell-server and test tasks need the added info to set the path to javac like the agent and common

compileJava.options.forkOptions.executable = System.getProperty("JDK_HOME")+"/bin/javac";

I replaced  jdk.home.1.6 with JDK_HOME because on linux jdk.home.1.6 is an invalid env variable.

 Now the test step is failing, not sure why, can't read the server/PowerShellRunnerDiscovererTest$1.class, but its there

and has at least read permission for all types = 664

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well, after looking more, I see the meta-runner support.. which does almost everything I need.. if it would force the parameters it needs into the build configuration that uses it.. then voila I would be done.


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