Cannot Run FxCop Runner Type Properly in TeamCity

Hi, Everyone.

I am using FxCop runner type in TeamCity, however I am receiving an unexpected error. I'm not sure on why i am receiving this error message from the build log.

[16:51:54]Step 3/3: 3. Code Analysis FxCop (FxCop)

[16:51:54][Step 3/3] Running FxCop

[16:51:54][Step 3/3] Matched assembly files:

[16:51:54][Step 3/3] none

[16:51:54][Step 3/3] No files matched the pattern

[16:51:54][Step 3/3] Step 3. Code Analysis FxCop (FxCop) failed with unexpected error

Here is my set up:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Henry,

Did you specify path to assemblies relative to the checkout directory? You can find the path to the checkout directory in the build log file.


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