Teamcity Scheduled deploy



I need to be able to trigger a teamcitybuild at a specific time (e.g. 00.00).

I'm missing a place where I can key in a specific time to run the build/deploy.

Can this be done?


Hello Lars,

You can configure Schedule Trigger to trigger build at specific time.


Yes i did notice the Schedule trigger, but it is only designed as a Cron job.

I don't need the build multiple times, I want to use the run button to scheduled a one-off build.

I want to use this for production control. A lot of changes will be queued up, and the manager will click the last Production build - but it should not run "now" but be delayed until midnight.

Schedule triggers cannot do this for me


Hello Lars,

In Schedule Trigger you can select "advanced (cron experession)" option and configure a cron job for a specific date and time.

Currently the described feature is not supported, please vote for the request:


Thank you for the suggestion. I'm not to keen to allow everyone to change build definitions (they could do too much damage).

Hope you will be able to support this in the future



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