How to setup TeamCity for run selenium auto tests?

I have .NET web portal builded in TeamCity and have (Java + Selenium + TestNG + Maven) auto tests.

Need some guides:

1. How to setup basic clean teamcity for running selenium tests just using TeamCity without any type of "real" project

2. How to setup teamcity for running selenium ui tests after building and deploying to stage server and AFTER run selenium ui tests.




Hi Dmitry,

Selenium tools are not started directly, but by build tools like Maven, Ant, NUnit, or Rake.Please vote for the related request: So currently there is no much specific about Selenium in TeamCity. 

Please note that there could be issues with automated GUI and browser testing if TeamCity agent is running as service. Please run agent via command line to avoid this problem.

Some related links that can be helpful:


OK, my Selenium test project is maven project, how I can do the subject?


How do you run Selenium test locally? You can run tests from TeamCity the same way as you do it via command line.
So you can login on agent machine, run tests via console (using maven) and then configure TeamCity to run your tests using Maven runner.


Hi Dimitry, its very easy to configure your project using maven, i have tutorial, post your e-mail here and i will send to you.


Hi Ramon, you can send to me? My e-mail is: Thanks!


Hi Ramon, would you send me the tutorial please? Thank you!


Hi Ramon, Can you send me tutorial? My email Thanks!


Hi Ramon, Can you send me tutorial please as well? My email Thanks!


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