AssemblyInfo Patcher - Works for one user, not another


We're using TeamCity Pro 9.1.4.  I have a build with an AssemblyInfo Patcher build feature.  When I run the build, it works fine, but when another user runs it, the version doesn't get set.  There are no errors in the build log.  I've even made him an administrator, but it still doesn't work.  I assume it's a permission issue, but not sure where to start looking.



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Looks like the problem is in my building of my Installshield MSI.  I pass over the same %env.ReleaseVersion% variable that I use for the AssemblyInfo patcher, but it seems that it marks it 1 version behind when running on a computer other than the TC server.  If I run the build twice with the same version, it works properly.


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