How do i get multiple detailed GitHub commit status checks?

Currently our build status published to GitHub looks like this...



This was using the old jonnyzzz plugin (  It works... but is is sort of crappy.  So i moved to the official commit-status-publisher (, but the results sort of look the same.


We're about to refactor things so that we have many more parallel running builds.  What i want to achieve is having multiple checks published to GitHub like this:


... but it doesn't see like either the old plugin or the new one can do something like this.  Namely reporting multiple checks instead of just a single one and having a good title (instead of the generic "default" or "continuous-integration/teamcity" stuff).


Is any of this possible without me having to write/hack my own plugin?


So it looks like the Jonnyzzz plugin had been updated to support what i was looking for:


Looks like the "context" option isn't supported in the new official plugin.


Aside from the official plugin working at least as well as the Jonnyzz one.  It would be nice if builds that are dependent on others and waiting for the build to finish get an initial status push.  This way all the builds in a snapshot will appear in the check list.


Hello Tom,

Thank you for your feedback! Could you please create a feature request in our tracker, use the link? Please describe you use case in the issue description.


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