Agent causing MsTest to timeout?

I currently have a unit test that is consistently failing when ran as a part of a TeamCity build config.  All of our agents are hosted on virtual machines with the same environment as our developer environment. Currently, when we run the test locally on a developer machine, the test passes.  When we run the test manually out of the checkout directory on the virtual machine, the test passes.  When we run it through the TeamCity server, it times out every time.  Our tests are set to timeout after one minute.  When I tried removing the timeout, the test hung for five minutes before I aborted the test run.  Our agent is using the Mstest runner.  Has anyone ever encountered anything like this before?

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Hello Christopher,

Do you run the tests via console under the same user as the agent is running under?

Could you please try to use a command line runner in TeamCity to launch the same command as in the console? What is the result?

If the command line runner works but the dedicated runner does not while the options are all the same, please attach screenshot of the build step settings, the build log, all agent logs covering the build, the command you used in the console to run the build and the full console output of the build.



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