Teamcity build job development flow.


I have been searching for a possibility to create build jobs in isolation, test them and then merge the changes into the mainline configuration. Unfortunately, i have found no easy way to get there. There is a possibility to make a copy of a build job, implement changes and test them, but merging these changes back is tricky. Either implementing them manually or trying to merge xml configuration files is  time consuming and can be cause mistakes. Are there people out there doing this sort of workflow? Thanks!


Hello Taavi,

Will it be an option to create a copy of the build step, modify and test it and copy it back to the original build configuration?


That only helps with build steps, but sometimes there are changes to other aspects of build configurations. Parameters, triggers, etc. You already have a way to store build configuration in git, would it be possible to support writing build configuration changes back to a branch, run them from that branch during testing and assist with reviewing / merging these changes back to the default branch?


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