Only queue build when same is not already queued



we often have the problem, that several builds are in the build queue, e.g.

  1. Commons (Master)
  2. Product (Master)
  3. Commons (Feature Branch1)

And it also happens, that people (or the VCS trigger) enques another build which is already in the queue (not running, just in the queue)

It would be save some resources if it would be possible to configure a build not to be enqueued if the same build is already in there.

Can I somehow do this already?

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Actually TeamCity optimizes builds in queue and if a similar build exists in the queue, a new build (on the same change set and with the same custom properties) will not be added. Are you sure that the second queued build is absolutely the same? What TeamCity version do you use?

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You are right, it just takes a few seconds and then the builds vanish.



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