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Is there a way to checkout code from TFS by Label? I currently have Teamcity (9.1.1) configured to create a label on every QA build & deploy and would like to set it up so that when we do a production build & deploy it should check out code based on that label. This will allow us to deploy code based on previous builds

 I have tried to directly checkout a label by going to Team Explorer and copying the URL but that failed. I have tried at least 10 to 15 different URLs and configurations and still have not been able to get it to work

Thank you

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Hello Sol,

TeamCity does not support getting labeled sources at this time. The feature request is addressed by TW-5061, please vote for it.

Why did you decide to use labels for this purpose? A common approach is to create a build configuration that will produce the artifacts form the sources and then artifact-depend on it via pinned build from others instead of retrieving sources by label in those others all the time. Please find the description of our workflow in the comment.


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"You can run a build on a specified change[set] manually using Run Custom Build dialog."

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Rami, thanks for the reply.


First of all I don't see that option when I click on Run...

Second, AFAIK a changeset is not a label.

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When you click on Run..., you should see the "Include changes" field on the "Changes" tab.


The work-around applies to how you're labeling your source code.

In the simplest case, a label is created to snapshot a set of files in TFS.

So basically there is a direct relationship with the last changeset since the label was applied.

Selecting to run a build based on that changeset would be the same as running a build on that label, unless you're changing the label or labeling in a different manner.


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