Can build configurations be marked as conflicting with each other? (even when they wouldn't seem to be?)

I know I can have dependant builds, but here's our wacky situation (where Windows builds and Mac builds end up building on the same Mac at the same time):

We built some projects in Xamarin, where our Windows build agent runs Visual Studio code that in turn is linked (via Xamarin pairing) to a Mac for iOS build purposes.  That worked great.

We then later added some projects that build directly in XCode, for which I set up the Mac build agent on the above Mac.  They're working ok.

We now have active projects for _both_ Xamarin and XCode, but while the Xamarin builds are run on a Windows agent, and the XCode builds run on a Mac agent, they both end up using the same physical Mac.


Ideally, I would restrict Xamarin builds and XCode builds to not run at the same time... but that sounds like a weird feature to add, so I don't imagine TC supports this.  I could also buy another Mac and build agent license, set it up, and restrict Xamarin builds to the existing MacA and XCode builds to the new MacB... but that ends up costing more $$$ that we'd like.

Less ideally, we'll just try not to run these conflicting builds manually.  Any ideas?

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