Use InspectCode in MSBuild configuration

Hi guys,

My use case: run msbuild targets in parallel, so I may run code inspections and smoke tests at the same time to reduce deploy time.

Example code:

  <Target Name="InspectAndTest">

  <MSBuild.ExtensionPack.Framework.Parallel TaskAction="BuildTargetsInParallelTargets="InspectCode;RunSmokeTestsAdditionalProperties="TempDir=$(TempDir);NUnitLauncher=$(teamcity_dotnet_nunitlauncher)"/>


  <Target Name="InspectCode">

    <Exec Command="C:\BuildAgent\plugins\dotnet-tools\bin\inspectcode.exe --no-swea MySolution.sln"/>


  <Target Name="RunSmokeTests">

    <Exec Command="$(NUnitLauncher) v4.0 x86 NUnit-2.6.4 $(TempDir)\MyProject.Tests.Smoke.dll"/>



I can see nunit report but how to make inspect code report available in TeamCity build results?


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