Inspections (.NET) vs Advanced Naming Stylle

Hello all,


We're running TeamCity 9.1.5 (build 37377).
Our build configuration has a "Inspections (.NET)" build step;
for this step, a custom settings profile is mounted.

All of the settings of this mounted settings file are applied correctly by TeamCity.
Except a "user defined naming rule" for unit test naming style:

(Code Editing -> C# -> Naming Style -> Advanced Settings, we created an additional rule that Test Methods can be "UpperCamelCase_Underscore_Tolerant").

This works fine whenever running in Visual Studio;
However, TeamCity does not seem to pick up this rule.

Is this not supported by the TeamCity Inspections (.NET)?


Thanks for your time,

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Hello Koen,

This is a known bug in ReSharper: Please watch/vote for it.


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