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Is there a way to receive a different changeset number than just the root? That is, I have two different branches of the same project like this:


main development


The HEAD version number of Trunk is 41, while the HEAD version number of main development is 37 and 41 for test. Is there a way to pull the version number from a specific directory in subversion so that my Main Development and Test configurations don't always have the same build number?

Let me know if I'm not clear.


Edited by: Matt Baker on Aug 7, 2008 4:58 PM

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Hello Matt,

In subversion's approach, it uses a changeset number as a mark for the whole repository, so when TeamCity is asked for changeset number,
it returns this global value.

For your build number, you can use a combination of VCS revision number + incremental counter provided by TeamCity.
What's wrong with having global reference to repository version in your build numbers?

Kind regards,


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