Html links to JSP for Including Third-Party Reports in the Build Results

I am trying to add another tab in the build results page.
I am using this page for some help.
However it only seems to work for html

I have
index.html and some *.jsp files that I send to

And in
Administration -> Server Configuration -> Report Tabs

I have added a tab
with tab name "Tab 1", base path "", start page "index.html".

The index.html page works fine but once I click on one of the links that would take me to a .jsp page it opens up a open/save as pop up instead of going to it.

I was developing everything in Eclipse so maybe I am missing something to transfer it over.

So overall, how do I make the .jsp pages work correctly?

Thanks, Alex

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Hi Alex

This approach work only for static HTML pages.
Dynamic tabs can be added by a custom plugin. take a look at Developing a Custom Tab article.



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