Autoincrementer with v8

I recently upgraded to TC v8 and also just installed autoincrementer.

I relaunched TC and my agent.

Then I set autoinc.myVal in the build number format field.

The Build Configuration Settings/Parameters complains that it needs a value. AND there isn't an in the config folder.

If I set the value (which seems odd) it doesn't act as a 'global' build number.

What am I missing?

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Do you see plugin in the list of plugins (Administration -> Plugin list)?

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I simply followed the directions on the plugin webpage.

I'll try that interface. And I will let you know.

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I am continuing to try and connect the dots on this plugin.

I used the plugin manager as suggested and restarted the server and my agent. The autoincrementer plugin is now listed as part of the plugins.

I have readded the %autoin.SHARED% parameter in the buildNumberPattern

I still receive this:

 autoinc.ASCEND defined in Build number pattern

which causes an incompatable agent error, if I don't include a parameter value for the %autoin.SHARED%.

I don't know how to define a build number pattern of which will allow for compatibility and the global incrementing functionlity.

in .BuildServer\config\projects\NewIncrementer\buildTypes\...xml file

      <option name="buildNumberPattern" value="%autoinc.SHARED%" />
      <param name="autoinc.SHARED" value="%build.counter%" />

The file isn't being created.


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