Is there any planfs for developing autodeploymnent plugins

We can deploy now TeamCity artifacst only into Artifactory.
Are the any plans for providing automatic deployment into any maven repository?

Secondly,There is no plugin for deployment j2ee applciations (war,ear,copy files,etc) on server.
Currently we can do it only with maven plugins or ant tasks.
Is there any plans for developing such plugin wich can deploy build artifacts on any server or file system?
I propose to add such default build configuration deploy - so it can deploy artifacts on server plus provide options to deploy on different servers with configuration options

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So far, no definite plans.

All you mention can be done via plugins for TeamCity and it would be great if such third-party plugins appear.

We would probably add bundled support only for the most popular targets at some point, leaving other integration abilitied for third-part plugin writers.
Though, we plan to enhance infrustructure like proviiding ability for meta runners.


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