Team Server "Albus" build 1270 is available


This build includes a lot of new and interesting features, as well as
bugfixes and usability improvments.

This is also the first release which requires an evaluation license
(the license valid till June, 29 is bundled with the distribution).
Licenses can be added to the server via administration web-interface.

The major changes in this build are:

- Delayed commit from IDEA plugin
- Maven2 runner support
- MSBuild runner support
- EMMA Code Coverage for Ant builds
- Web-Administration interfaces in progress
- IDEA team server plugin UI improvements
- Build log view redesign
- All build configuration changes view
- Builds can be 'pinned' so they won't be removed from history
upon cleanup

FAQ documentation was updated and includes information on how to
configure Maven, MSBuild, Code Coverage and also describes new
organization of configuration files (and some stuff is already
configurable via Web!)

Changes page:

Download page:


Happy building!

Kirill Maximov
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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