TeamCity build 1457 is available


This is mostly bugfix EAP build with one significant new feature - view coverage information from
TeamCity builds in IDEA. Surely, you'll need to update your TeamCity IDEA plugin for that. To use
it, follow these steps:

1. Create a TeamCity project named after IDEA ipr file name (without .ipr part)
2. Create an Ant-based Build configuration in this project with enabled coverage (use checkbox
on build configuration settings page)
3. Install TeamCity IDEA plugin from "My Settings" page
4. Open in IDEA your project
5. Run build configuration on TeamCity server
6. When build is finished, use Ctrl-Alt-F6 shortcut in IDEA to view coverage information,
generated by TeamCity

NOTE: You'll have to update your build scripts and replace '' with 'build.number' and
'' with ''


  • TW-130 Code Coverage: IDEA plugin

  • TW-453 "" is confusing

NOTE! You'll have to update your build scripts and replace '' with
'build.number' and '' with ''

  • TW-201 Support verbose option for Ant


  • TW-553 Server hangs due to confusion in registering agent

  • TW-554 Creation of MySQL database fails

  • TW-551 Exception when install agent via JWS

  • TW-555 Rename of project causes agent builds to fail

  • TW-437 "Invalid parameters" message after canceling build

  • TW-513 Notification email messages are sent with bad date

  • many others

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Download page:

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