TC (build 3914) does not checkout all files from CVS

I have encountered a very ackward issue. When running Inspections I realized that not all source files have been checked out from CVS on the build agent and then the build log contained many warnings:

: Warning: c:/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/Server/Apollo2/build-project/apollo2sc/../../registry/components/application_core/src - Source root doesn't exist
: Warning: c:/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/Server/Apollo2/build-project/apollo2sc/../../debug/src - Source root doesn't exist
: Warning: c:/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/Server/Apollo2/build-project/apollo2sc/../../debug/test - Source root doesn't exist

Interestingly, I have encountered this before on TC 1.2 but did not pay that much attention to it that time.

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Please file a detailed Jira issue which describes your configuration, including CVS server version,
CVS settings used for build configuration and such.

In fact, TeamCity uses the same way to obtain sources for all types of build runners, so the problem doesn't depend on runner used.


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I figured out that the problem was caused by an impropert tag name used in CVS configuration. Funny thing, it seems that TC changes these settings without clear reason.


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