TeamCity Pricing

I'm getting mixed signals about the policy on TeamCity licenses.

Based on the following 3 posts, it appears that TeamCity 1.2 will be free for users of IDEA 6.0, and that the Agra upgrade will be a free upgrade.




However, the TeamCity page seems to say that TeamCity can be bundled with IDEA for $99, as a special offer right now.

What gives?

Also, I have recently convinced my boss to finally buy IDEA licenses for the whole team. This after buying my own personal license years ago. Since I have had my personal license for quite some time, and the rest of the team will be getting brand new "regular" licenses, is there any difference between TeamCity licenses there?


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Users, who purchased IDEA 6.0 before January, 15 (unfortunately, that's probably not your case),
will be able to use their licenses with TeamCity (1.2 and 2.0).

If you bought a license after January, 15, you'll have to pay for the TeamCity license.

And, as you already noticed, there is a special offer to buy TeamCityIDEA licenses with a discount (there is similar offer for TeamCityResharper).

With regard to postings you mentioned - please pay attention to when these postings were made.
1 and 2 were made in 2006, and TeamCity1.0 license was delivered for free to all IDEA 6.0 users.
But after 1.0, there was 1.2 and policy has changed.

The last posting is actual - upgrade from TeamCity 1.2 to TeamCity 2.0 will be free. Users who has bought IDEA 6.0 license before January, 15 will be able to use their IDEA licenses with TeamCity 2.0 as well.

Hope this helps,


Kirill Maximov
JetBrains, Inc.
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Ok, thanks for the info. One follow up question, then. I bought my license before Jan 15, but I never actually downloaded or installed TeamCity (because I would have been the only one who could have used it). Can I still get a free license, or is that offer gone now too?


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As I understand, you should be able to use your personal license in TeamCity without restrictions.

Kind regards,


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