ensuring targets execute on every agent

I have everything working fairly well on one agent and am now looking at using multiple agents (one agent per machine) to parallelize the tests. A few questions:

1) If I have a test suite, it appears that there is no way to paralellize these tests except by making multiple build configurations, correct? This means if I have an ant "integration" target, it will not be parallelized unless I create targets for each test (25 in our case). Is there another approach to make it easier to parallelize things on different agents?

2) If I have build configurations that need to be executed on every machine(agent) like install a web server or upgrade a database, is there a way to ensure that a build configuration will get executed on each agent?

3) has anyone written an ant task for the intellij junit test runner? The IJ test runner seems vastly superior to the standard junit ant task (better error reporting, better process cleanup)


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Hello, Phil!


For the time being TeamCity builds are the "atomic" items that are run on single agent as one process that cannot be broken down. If you want to run several builds in parallel, you will need to create different build configurations. You can create one configuration and copy it in administration pages.

In future versions we will try to address such configurations by providing "parallelizing" abilities, but I still think each distinct part will require its own "build configuration"-like entity. We should probably also address the case when most of the settings between these parts are common/shared. e.g. This may be some kind of build configuration inheritance. What do you think?


For this case you will also need several build configurations with different "Agent requirements" settings.
When we implement "parallelizing" capabilities they seem to be covering this case too.

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